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A bit about family life in Russia

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A Russian traditional family is normally composed of mother, father, children, and extended family. In the former Soviet Union the family traditions were strictly observed – the State was interested in it as after World War II there were too many broken families and too many children lost their families and it was not good at all neither for the children, nor for the grown ups.

Family traditions remain very strong. Now every generation lives separately, though earlier it was a normal thing, that 2-3 or even 4 generations lived together due to the lack of apartments and money for living. At the present moment more and more young couples have possibility to buy or to rent an apartment of their own and to start their family life.

My own family is very traditional, it consists of mother, father, my older sister and me. My grandparents from the dad’s side have died very early, I do not even remember them. As for my mothers’ parents – they always lived in another town and we met not so often – I only spent my summer vacations with them or they came to see us for a short time in St. Petersburg. My grandfather died in 1989, and grandmother – in 2010.

Now I live separately from my parents but in the same city – we see each other very often and I spend a lot of time with my mother – we luckily have very much in common and understand each other very well. We also usually celebrate all the main holidays like the New Year coming, Easter and birthdays together. (more…)