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Life is a Struggle for Russia’s Disabled People

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

When you come to Russia you will be surprised that there are no disabled people in the streets. It is not because we have no disabled people in Russia. This is because we have no facilities at all for their normal living in a society. Many disabled people in Russia, especially those who have spinal problems, spend all their days and actually spend all their lives within the four walls of their homes. Doorways and elevators are very small for wheelchairs, the staircases are almost never equipped with wheelchair ramps or any lifting devices and this is a really great problem. Metro systems, bus systems, tram systems (that is the whole public transport system) are not designed for disabled people. Besides, there wheelchairs are so old and not modern, that they hardly can be used outside their apartments. Very often when the old wheelchair is broken the disable person loses the only opportunity to move in the house.

The pensions that are payed to disabled people are very poor. They are sufficient only for food and for community charges. To buy a new wheelchair, to buy lifting devices a person has to ask for a help of the people around – to sponsor this vital important needs. Sometimes it is possible to get some help from the government, but most disabled people fail when they face too many bureaucratic procedures for a simple getting of a new wheelchair or some other help. They risk their health to pass through this cruel system.
To get little or nothing from the state disabled people have to prove day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year their disabilities. It is really nonsense when an amputee must go through dozens of procedures to confirm the disability. It is a hard job to obtain dozens of documents from dozens of doctors, then from variety of departments of social services, also residential services and many others. Visiting all these instances requires standing for hours in long lines and all these departments are also never equipped for disabled people. (more…)