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The First of September

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The First of September is a great day in Russia for children, schoolchildren, students and also school teachers and college/university professors. The new school year starts on this day: small children (3 to 6 years old) go to the kindergartens , children and teenagers of 7-16 years old go to school, students (16-23) start their new year at the Universities and colleges.

The other name of the 1st of September is the Knowledge Day. This day is a big holiday for the children who come to school for the first time. All schools prepare special celebratory assembly on this date. One of the special ceremonies is the First Bell – when a first grade girl or boy is lifted on the shoulders of the grade male pupil and they make a huge circle for everyone could see and hear this first bell of the school year.

September 1st has a kind of cultural status in Russia. Somehow everyone celebrates it – almost in every Russian family there are children or students. All chilren on this day go to school or college with a bunch of flowers and all of them are very nicely dressed. The bunch of flowers is normally given to the most loved teacher.

In some families a small celebration takes place – the members of the families usually congratulate the kids with the First of September and sometimes even give them some special presents, though it is not obligatory.