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Russian retirees survival

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The Pension fund of Russia is very poor. Neither President, nor Prime Minister of the country tried to survive on the sums that Russian retirees get monthly. Average monthly pension in Russia is about 8-8,5 thousand roubles. It makes only about USD 285-300. Sometimes the pension is lower – about USD 150-200. It is to be noted that monthly payments for the apartment make about the half of this sum or even more – from USD 100 to USD 150. And for eating normal food sufficient for the healthy life a person living in Russia needs no less than 2500-3000 roubles weekly!!! (This is about USD 100).
The authorities are very far away from the common people and especially from the retirees. They can not realize or do not want to realize the reality of about 40 million common retirees in Russia.

The government try to solve the problem of the lack of money in the socail funds trying to increase taxes for business. Some business in Russia is not at all Gazprom business and requires more care. Huge taxes can kill it. The business is strong mainly in large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg – in other cities and towns of Russia peolpe work hard to make their business to be profitable. Besides, huge taxes make the business to do the following: to compensate it by increasing the prices for all kinds of products on the market and for all kinds of services also.

Most Russian retirees have nothing else to do but to survive. Some things are unreachable for them – like a vacation somewhere abroad, like private medicine, like new clothes, like buying some electronics for their houses. Having only USD 150 for the whole month they sometimes can not afford themselves meat or fruits or a bottle of good wine.

Here are the approximate prices for food:

meat – USD 10/per kilo
cheese – USD 10-15/per kilo
sausages – USD 10-15/per kilo
potatoes – USD 1,5/per kilo
apples – USD 2,00/per kilo
milk – USD 1,0 – 1,5/per kilo
tomatoes – USD 3,00 – 4,00/per kilo
bananas – USD 1,5/per kilo
bread – USD 0,80 – 2,00
sugar – USD 1,5-2,00/per kilo