About I Live in Russia

By Nina Kononova

The idea of “I Live in Russia” was born in 2009. By this time I’ve got a simple
thing about all who like to travel – in reality or virtuality: we like to learn
more things about other people and places. We are always interested in
how do the other people live, what do they eat, how do they entertain
themselves, what are there everyday worries, what are their values…
We do know that their life is different – but it is always so challenging to
learn the details. We know rather well our own country and culture,
but any other is a kind of mystery for us, a great unknown world.

When I travel I appreciate so much going a bit deeper into the other culture
than most of tourist visits suppose. I am very often interested in very simple
things: how do people live in this country, what are the traditions that are
kept by every family, what is the national mentality, what are they proud about
in their own country,  what are their houses like, what are their shops like,
how the ecological problems are solved, how much are their schools or
universities different from those in Russia, is their life expensive or not and many other

So, I supposed someone may also be interested in how do common people live in
Russia. This blog should help me to tell this someone about how do we live here
– what good do we have, what bad do we struggle, what we are proud of, what is
our national set of mind, what happens to us every day.

I am sure the blog will enrich my life in various ways. I hope my stories will
help people to learn more about Russia and the Russians, probably new friends
will come into my life. I also expect my English writing to improve a bit,
as sometimes I am lacking language practice – and telling
stories stimulates to learn the language. And the most important thing about my
blog is that telling my stories I get the opportunity to learn my country
better, to feel it deeper.

And now I would like to say: thank you for coming and you are always welcome
on Iliveinrussia.com

With my warmest regards to You,