Office life in big cities

In large cities like Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and some others exceeding 1 mln inhabitants a lot of people every day go to their offices.

Normally, the working day at the office starts at 8, 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning. The working day is 8 hours + 1 hour for going out for dinner. So, those who start at 8 can leave office at 17.00, those who start at 9 o’clock – usually leave for home at 18.00, and those who arrive at office at 10 can only leave it at 19.00.

As for me, I usually start at 10 o’clock and leave at 19.00, sometimes, if I miss my dinner I leave earlier. I am very lucky to work in a office building that is only 2 minutes away from the nearest metro (subway) station – I do not spend my time in traffic jams which became a very usual thing for Saint-Petersburg.

Our office building is really huge and very modern. It provides us with excellent computer networking, it has a security service, we are offered cafe service, cleaning services and many others. We can even buy airplane, train or bus tickets in the small ticket office on the ground floor of our office building.

The office building is divided into dozens of sections for different companies. As for our company – we have 4 rooms in total. One – for our book-keeping department, one meeting room, one room for tea-breaks and short rests during the working day and a huge open office with working places for 12-14 people.

Our meeting room is rather large. It encloses meeting space for five to twelve people. Some times we gather their to discuss our current projects. Everyone in our office has a computer, telephone, private table and a number of other technical facilities, like fax machine or scanner.

I guess, all other offices are very similar…

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